Friday, June 28, 2013

Cool Students' Physix Projects

It has been a tradition of our Physix class to end the year with a major project that involves the students selecting one of three possible projects to complete.

Catapult Project: This involves the students building a catapult that meets specific criteria and tosses a medium egg as far as possible and over a one-meter high wall.

This is just one of many incredible catapults submitted throughout the years!

Instrument Project: The students who chose this project would build an instrument that meets certain criteria such as craftsmanship, variety of tone generation, etc. Below are some of this year's cool productions.

The ends are pennies!
Believe it or not, this is an organ (see the picture below).
The organ does work well! :-)

Cigar Box Guitar 1

Percussion Instrument 1

Cigar Box Guitar 2
Percussion Instrument 2

PhysArt Project: This project entails the students to select any art area of their choice and put together and art piece that connect the arts with Physix. Below is a sample of such cool PhysArt projects from this year's collection.

PhysArt Project [Original Student Composition 1]
PhysArt Project [Original Student Composition 2]
PhysArt Project [Kaleidoscope]
PhysArt Project [Visual Arts Piece: LHC]
PhysArt Project [Physix meets Fabric (View 1)]
PhysArt Project [Physix meets Fabric (View 2)]
PhysArt Project [Figure Drawing with Einstein Quotes]

Please, share some project ideas you do in your Physix classes. Thank you

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